Decking & Pavers Enhancements in Southern California Select Texture And Color For The Perfect Design Addition
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Infinity edge spa inside poolConcrete, stamped concrete, stepping stones, walking paths, raised patios and pavers are just a few of the choices you have when choosing a decking option. Or, instead of tearing out an existing deck, you may consider deck overlay, tile, stain, natural stone, travertine, quartz and other materials. Your selection may be driven partially by design considerations as well as budget.

Some of the elements that must be considered when choosing a decking solution is the drainage and slope of the deck so no standing water occurs during rains or from sprinklers. You also want to make sure that water always drains away from the home or any open doors. This requires a slope degree analysis given the space allowed. Water should also drain away from the pool.

Another concern should be the weep screed of the home. Weep screed allows the exterior walls of the home to breathe and is made up of sheet metal behind the wall material. It is located at the bottom of the walls. Concrete decking must be an inch below the weep screed. Be sure to discuss this detail with your builder when choosing a decking solution.

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Decking Overlay

Deck with overlay and free form jointsNo budget for a new deck? No problem deck overlay might be the answer Decking Overlay is not only a great alternative to removing and replacing an existing deck to save money, but we find many of our clients preferred this method of beautifying their deck. Deck overlay offers the opportunity, unlike cement, to match existing colors inside or outside the home, place “grout” joints exactly as you may desire, and be more flexible in design.

We employ a unique application method to the industry by applying the Deck Overlay in multiple coats, slowly building the layers to create a deep, rich foundation and color. This also provides a strong adherence of the overlay to the existing deck preventing chipping or peeling.

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Paverstone deckPavers are a durable and beautiful alternative to standard decking. Great for high traffic areas such as driveways, plazas, courtyards and walkways, but also for any area where you prefer a rich, highly designed look. Pavers are manufactured in many different colors and shapes but the decisions don’t stop there! You can select from a large choice of installation alternatives creating just the right look; circular, square, diamond, rectangular, cobblestone, serpentine – the choices are practically endless!

Transport your home into a picturesque European destination with the rugged, Old World elegance of cobblestone style pavers. Conjure a welcoming and authentic Old World atmosphere. Embody a multitude of architectural styles yet inheriting contemporary living. Best of all, there is a hue for every masterpiece. The reflection of a country manor persona that lends an exceptional fusion of earthen colors and an aged texture for a result that pays homage to the past yet with amiable presence.

Showcase the unexpected one piece at a time. Fuse understated simplicity with dramatic contrast. Show your uniqueness with an outstanding paving system.


We love paving systems because they embody all the attributes we like in an outdoor setting; high durability, endless design possibilities and a beautiful, understated elegance.

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