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Choosing Your Pool Water Color

Did You Know You Can Select The Color Of Your Pool Water?

When deciding on a pool’s new finish, one thing people often don’t realize is that they can actually choose the color of their pool water. In fact, we recommend that choosing your water color is the first step in selecting a finish. From plaster and quartz to PebbleTec® and Hydrazzo®, each type of finish can create various hues to give swimming pools a unique and personalized look. So what color do you want your pool water to be? The following steps can help answer that question.


Step 1: Choose Your Water Color

The first step is choosing the color you want. Do you want a bright, vibrant blue for a tropical backyard escape or an understated dark blue for your hidden away rocky alcove? You can even choose green or teal water for a swimming pool that really stands out. Your choices include:

  • Deep dark blue
  • Dark blue
  • Medium blue
  • Green
  • Teal
  • Light blue

Understand that the deeper your pool, the more apparent the color will appear. Shallow and step areas typically don’t have the water depth to reflect the color.


Step 2: Choose Your Finish Texture

Whether traditional plaster or quartz, or longer lasting finishes like Hydrazzo® and PebbleTec®, the type of pool finish you select will have an impact on your pool’s water color. Some finishes offer more options than others and choosing the right one will depend on your preferences and budget.

PebbleTec® and Hydrazzo® offer the most water color options, while plaster and quartz are more limited. But you also want to take into account how you use your pool and how long you want the finish to last. For example, quartz and PebbleTec® are more expensive than plaster, but stand up better to chemicals and will therefore last longer.


Step 3: Your Recommended Finishes

Based on the combination of color preference, budget, and how you plan to use your pool, the next step is to choose the finish that best fits all three. To help you out, we have a Pool Finish Selector tool on our website. It walks you through the pool water color choices and the options for each. Of course, a Gardner Outdoor Consultant will be more than happy to help and answer any questions you might have.

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