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How Can a Pool Remodel affect your Pool Lighting?

Pool Lighting at NightAt the end of a pool remodel, pool owners expect their pool to perform better than ever. One area which may be negatively impacted by a pool remodel, however, is your pool lighting.

Pool lighting has become standard for today’s pools, as they are an integral part of a pool’s design and operation. But before any pool remodels can begin, the lights of a pool have to be pulled from the side of the pool or spa. These lights are then placed on the deck where they are exposed to weather conditions.

Here’s the problem though: Pool lights are not meant to be outside of the water. Once your pool lights are secured and the pool is filled, your lights are intended to stay underwater for the rest of their days. Exposed components such as the rubber gaskets, once wet, will become brittle and crack when they dry out. When this happens, the chance of your pool leaking at that site increases, and more than that, you may be voiding the manufacturer’s warranty for the lights. So the question becomes is it best to replace your pool lights during the pool remodeling process? 

Pool Lights Aren’t the Only Issue

Another issue involves your light’s power line. Small cracks can cause the power line to the back of the light can become soaked over time. While this itself isn’t always an issue, if the line dries out during the remodeling process, it can crack once the pool is refilled.

 The last consideration is the 3/4″ or 1″ PVC pipe beneath your decking which holds the light cord. Over time this PVC pipe can crack, and it may fill with water or dirt, making pulling a new cord for new lighting difficult (if not impossible) for a pool remodeler or light technician.

Replacing Pool Lighting a Smart Investment During a Los Angeles Pool Remodel

Far too often pool owners elect to refinish the pool, add fun features and install a brand new deck – but they choose not to update the lighting. To their dismay, after the remodel is complete, they find that one or more lights aren’t functional or, worse yet, the pool has suddenly sprung a leak.

The solution isn’t an easy one as a new light can’t be pulled. The only option a pool remodeler or technician has is to cut into the brand new deck and either re-install a new pipe or repair a bad section. The deck can be patched, but it won’t look nearly as beautiful as it did immediately after your outdoor living remodel.

Another important consideration is cost. Swapping out pool lighting during a pool remodel is much less expensive than reopening the pool deck after the remodel. 

Pool lighting has also become far more efficient and affordable for pool owners over recent years. In the long run pool owners can save on energy costs by switching to modern state-of-the-art LED bulbs.

The Los Angeles Pool Remodel Experts

Then there is the issue of finding a qualified in-pool lighting technician to do the job. The majority of companies that produce pool bulbs and lights (like Pentair and Hayward) will only cover your lighting under warranty if the lighting is installed by a pre-approved pool lighting technician.

For all of the reasons above, replacing your pool lighting during a pool remodel with Gardner Outdoor and Pool Remodel is usually a good decision. The risk of the old lighting not working or causing a leak is after a remodel is just too great.

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