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Incorporating Waterline Glass Tile into Your Pool Remodel

One of the most elegant and in-demand design touches for today’s modern swimming pool is glass tiles instead of porcelain. While more expensive, glass tile can turn a humdrum pool into a designer’s showpiece. While you could tile an entire pool or spa with glass tile, that will typically, blow the budget out of the water (pun intended). Adding to only the waterline or even step trim can add that much desired bling while remaining at a reasonable price. There are some things you should know, however.

1. A Dazzling Alternative

The stunning beauty of glass tile is undeniable. Shimmering tiles of many different colors and shades transform what may otherwise be a standard pool design into a jaw-dropping award-winning work of art. 

What makes glass tile even more attractive is its appearance underwater. Once submerged below the water’s surface, both the reflection and refraction of light create a dynamic array of glimmering shades of color.

2. Durable and Long Lasting

Glass tile is not as fragile as it might sound. This is highly-tempered glass, made especially for pools, and will be as durable as standard porcelain tile. However, you must be aware that only an experienced contractor will know the differences in the installation process. They will need different mortar materials and processes, so confirm that your contractor has plenty of experience or you may find glass tile discoloring or popping off. 

3. A Low Maintenance Option

Glass pool tiling requires minimal maintenance. A quick brushing along the waterline is often all your glass tiles will need to return to their former luster. This should be done once or twice a week to prevent the growth of calcium deposits which can be more challenging to remove and require a bit more elbow grease.

4. Important Considerations Before Taking the Plunge with Glass Tiles

Glass tile installation is going to cost quite a bit more than regular tile. Not only does the actual glass tile cost more than porcelain, but the materials required for a quality installation are also more expensive. Glass tile requires a more expensive mortar, possibly waterproofing the sub-surface and a 2nd visit by the contractor to grout and finish the job. Regular porcelain tiles can be installed and grouted on the same day. Keeps the job on schedule and saves an extra trip. Glass tile, however, needs to cure for 21 days or per the manufacturer’s recommendations before grouting.

This means that the installer has to make a special trip back to the pool just to grout for which he will charge. Note that the glass step trim does not require any delay in the work process because step trim tile is not grouted. The pool finish permits some breathability around the glass trim allowing it to cure. While glass trim won’t have the same visual impact, especially from the kitchen window, it does provide that added sparkle when stepping down into the pool.   

Remember, as with all aspects of your pool project, the quality of the workmanship will play a major role in the beauty and longevity of your glass tiles. Glass tile projects are more complex, making it imperative that you choose a pool remodeling company that is very experienced in working with this unique type of tiling.

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