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An outdoor firepit can be a great addition to any outdoor living space…

An outdoor firepit has come a long way.

You may consider a zero elevation design (meaning flush with the ground) if you don’t have a great deal of space available. This keeps the space open while still creating a beautiful element in the yard when lit.

Outdoor firepits typically are 36″ in diameter but can be made larger or smaller. They can be designed with bench seating and different materials for the face of the pit such as stacked stone, natural stone, tile, travertine or stucco. Combining the elements of water and fire creates a beautiful and glamorous contrasting look for the backyard – this is why many homeowners prefer to incorporate the firepit into the design of the remodeled pool. Fire reflecting in the water adds a touch of brilliance.

Outdoor firepits can include the traditional Lavarock, if wished, but today reflective glass is often preferred. The glass comes in many colors that can be mixed together if so desired.

Outdoor firepits can be the focal point for the backyard design. They are a natural place that party guests tend to gather around for a comfortable atmosphere conducive for conversation. Typically, they should be constructed in an area which allows space for comfortable seating – close enough to roast marshmallows but not so close to singe eyebrows!

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