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 Adding lights to an outdoor remodel or brand new landscape has always been a popular choice for our clients. After all, when making an investment to enhance the look of your property you should be able to enjoy it regardless if it’s daylight or not. While the design possibilities are endless, the increase in electricity bills hasn’t always been welcomed.

In an effort to help SoCal residents continue to enjoy their outdoor lighting systems while saving energy and money we have recently partnered with Alliance. We are pleased to offer innovative LED lighting as an eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to classic Halogen lights. Perhaps you haven’t been using your outdoor lights to spare energy costs, now is the time to replace the halogen fixtures with LED lighting. You can reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying the lighting you invested in.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of an elegant and sophisticated look to lighten up the night, with longer life, low energy costs, and less power needed – you can’t go wrong with LED lighting.

Gardner is pleased to not only offer top of the line LED lighting, but also provide a loan kit to help light up your property for an entire evening. There really is no better time to make an informed decision than when viewing optional lighting at night.

Outdoor Lighting: Halogen vs LED

Longer Life: Compared to Halogen lights, LED lights last 10x longer! One LED lamp lasts as long as 21.6 yrs. A typical Halogen lamp will not last more than 2.1 yrs. An LED lamp produces light for as many as 50,000 hours. It takes 12 Halogen lamps to produce the same amount of light. Each bulb producing a maximum of 4,000 hours of light.

Lower Energy Costs: On a standard 25 light job, with a Kilowatt rate of $0.12 per hour, estimated run time at 5 hours per night – LED out performs Halogen 10 to 1! LED lighting costs 1 cent per hour, up to $21.90 per year. Halogen lighting costs 10 cents per hour, nearly $200 a year.

Less Power Required: On a standard 25 light job, LED fixtures use a much smaller transformer compared to the same system using halogen. LED lighting requires only 1.25 AMPS with a 150-watt transformer. Halogen lighting requires 7.5 AMPS and a 900 watt transformer.

In addition to these benefits, there is also less wiring and hassle to deal with when installing LED lights. Outside of installation assistance we can also help ensure you select the proper lighting criteria for your landscape goals such as lumens, watts, color accuracy, and temperature. Contact us today to discuss your options for Outdoor Lighting.

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