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Rock Workin Southern California

Rock work can be the fulfillment of the ultimate design element in the backyard. It can be satisfying on so many levels. Rock work, if done properly, brings a touch of nature to what, otherwise, could be a cold, empty space. It adds dimensionality to a flat surface and, when combined with water, can bring that tinkling sound that can be so soothing from inside the home. Of course, a rock slide adds the fun factor, too!

From simple strategic placement of a few rocks on the coping around the pool to a full-blown sunken grotto bar to a rock mountain with a slide, the rock work design is only limited by your imagination. Nothing can have more impact on your backyard than a well-design rock formation so keep an open mind when considering.

Be sure to inspect the work of your rock craftsman in other homes. If the rocks look too “cartoony”, you may want to reconsider. We highly recommend a natural look. You want your guests knocking on the rocks with their knuckles to test whether they are “real” or not. That’s when you know you’ve received quality work. Throw in a few actual rocks and keep them guessing.

For those who really want to peek “behind the curtain”:

Steel, fiberglass-reinforced concrete, acrylic admixtures, KIM, (Krystol Internal Membrane), quality exterior stucco and/or epoxy paints are just a few of the items used.

Our faux rocks are primarily built out of rebar. “Bubbles” are created out of 3/8″ or 1/2″ steel to make the basic rock shapes which are then covered with chicken wire on the outside and burlap on the inside. These are then put together into various shapes to create features.

Once the feature is completely tied together, shotcrete or gunite is sprayed on, establishing the feature structurally.

Waterproofing is then applied in preparation for the final texture coat which is sprayed on. During this process various textures and colors are added and then the complete project is painted to achieve the final look.

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