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Pool Finish Selector – 3 Easy Steps

Most pool remodeling companies don’t explain that the first step in selecting a Pool Finish is to select the Pool Water. At Gardner, we do things differently. We know that before you see the details and texture of the finish, you will see the pool water color – in fact, that’s practically all you can see from inside the home. That’s why our Pool Finish Selector starts with the water color choice. We then filter what finishes will provide that water color. Once you select your preferred finish, you may choose an actual finish color that will produce the water color selected and we show you an photo of a real pool in that finish. You may use the selector over and over again, coming up with your perfect choices. Our Outdoor Specialists will walk you through the rest of the decision-making process such as longevity and budget. Note that certain pool finishes may be unavailable in your location and our outdoor specialists will work with you to find the best match for your remodel.



Step 1 - Pick your Water Color