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5 Design Elements for Sleek and Modern Pool Style

Sleek and Modern Pool Style Posted On : April 19, 2019

If you’re looking for a more contemporary and sleek pool design that matches your modern style, then these five design elements are worth considering when planning your dream poolscape.


Select the Best Pool Shape

When you think sleek and modern, you think smooth, geometric lines that flow into the design. It’s striking, yet subtle. So, of course, a geometric pool shape is your best best. By selecting the right coping, lighting, deck materials, and tile, you can turn the simplest shapes into modern classics.


Become a Minimalist

Say “goodbye” to those big fountains, leafy tropical plants, and tiki torches. Today’s modern style pools will typically only be surrounded by a few contemporary patio furniture pieces that complement the backyard space that surrounds them.

You don’t miss out on flowing water. Sheer descents are the epitome of sleek as they send a flat sheet of water cascading down into the pool: another subtle, yet striking feature.


Choose Understated Outdoor Lighting

Modern lights are subtle and yet still provide more than enough light for you and your guests to feel comfortable and stay safe around the pool and patio. Custom LED lighting for your pool allows for light that follows the lines of your pool, providing ample light without “flooding” your entire backyard.


Opt For Modern Backyard Decking

A homeowner’s deck options have grown exponentially over the years, but there are still some decking options that are more modern than others. The key to keeping your style modern is to choose a deck material and design that compliments both the house and your landscaping.


Add Modern Patio Furniture

A key to completing the sleek and modern look is simple, yet ultra modern patio furniture. Metallic, angular lounge chairs and simple wooden furniture are both great options. Of course, they’ll also need to fit in with the overall pool design.


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