Difference between Resurfacing Swimming Pool Vs Replastering

What is the difference between Pool Resurfacing, Replastering and Renovation?

Components of a Pool

A pool is made up of several components, just like a house. It is possible, of course, to remodel only portions of a pool, while leaving other parts untouched. For example, a homeowner may elect to replaster the pool surface only while saving tile or, the other way around – it is possible to change out the tile and coping and save the pool surface. Then, there are many other components, such as lights, fittings, plumbing and equipment. There are also several optional pool elements such as mosaics, water features such as sheer descents (waterfalls) and rock rivers. Other additional construction options to a pool include anything from a baja reef bench to adding a spa.

Pool Resurfacing & Replastering vs. Renovation

So, when a client requests a new pool surface, the pool remodeling industry refers to that as pool resurfacing or replastering. Since the project focuses on the interior surface — the walls and floor of the pool — price can vary. There are two main factors when estimating a pool resurfacing project:

1. Size of the Pool
2. Type of Finish

A pool renovation project also includes:

– Interior plastering or refinishing
– Tile – when carefully selected and designed, can have a major impact on the total look of the pool
– Coping – manufactured, stone, natural stone or concrete used to cap the pool shell wall
Updates to other outdoor features such as decking

What’s the Cost Difference?

The pool’s interior surface typically wears out the fastest depending upon the surface material. Some materials, such as plaster, will last an average of 8 to 10 years while aggregate finishes can last up to about 25 years. As you’d expect, aggregate finishes come with more expensive price tags. The estimated life of tile and coping really depends on many factors such as water chemistry, weather, etc.

A pool remodeling job can range anywhere from $3,500 up to $12,000 depending upon size, finish, and plumbing requirements. Our cost for pool resurfacing (remodeling by redoing the plaster) averages $10,500. We’re able to keep our costs affordable because we perform hundreds of pool remodeling projects every year. Of course, larger and custom projects can cost $25,000 and higher.

Every pool and backyard is unique. Is it time to remodel or renovate your pool?