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What you should know before you Acid Wash your Pool

An acid wash is typically used to remove or lessen the appearance of stains on a pool’s plaster surface. While using chemicals to reduce staining is less expensive than replastering, it is important for a homeowner to understand the benefits and risks. There are two ways to apply the chemicals. It depends if the pool is empty or not.

The Downside of Acid Washes Over Replastering

While acid washing can dramatically reduce stains or remove spots from a pool’s surface,
It can shorten the lifespan of plaster finishes. Muriatic Acid, the chemical commonly used is dangerous and corrosive, so the application should be done by a professional. However, Muriatic Acid does not damage quartz or pebble aggregate finishes.

Without Draining Your Pool

This type of acid washing may be the right solution, especially if your pool plaster has minor staining. The muriatic acid is added to the water and will perform a good cleaning. You cannot use the pool while the chemical is active. Once the water has been neutralized and the chemicals are rebalanced, it is safe to resume swimming.

Applying to an Empty Pool

If you’ve decided to empty the pool for other maintenance, you’ll need to decide if it’s worth acid washing or to refinish. It’s important to note that acid washing is the final step for the application of a new finish such as aggregate, glass and Hydrazzo. Acid washing cleans the surface, removing haze or cement residue during the resurfacing process.

Important Considerations

  • The chemicals used in an acid wash are dangerous and corrosive. It is best left to professional, as they will know the correct amount based upon pool size and the intensity of staining.
  • Acid washes are ideal for minor discolorations caused by things like leaves falling into the pool.
  • The main benefit of acid washing, during some new finishes application is to remove any haze or cement residue.
  • California is experiencing a long-term drought. Besides the cost of the acid wash, you’ll need to calculate the cost of refilling the pool (including any water fines).