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Top 5 Pool Renovations of 2019

You know the phrase, “Nothing lasts forever?” Well, while the actual pool itself may last for a very long time, the components don’t. After 10 years or so, for example, a pool plaster finish will begin to visibly show wear and tear. Remember that from the moment a pool is filled with water and chemicals and exposed to sun and weather, there is a silent battle happening beneath the placid waters. In addition to the pool finish, though, there are many popular reasons for remodeling your pool and spa. We’re already halfway through 2019, so let’s take a look at the top pool renovations we at Gardner Outdoor and Pool Remodeling have had the pleasure of helping our Southern California clients throughout the year.

1. Pool Plumbing and Equipment

This may not seem to be as exciting as the other pool renovation projects on this list, but do you know what is exciting?

Saving money.

What may surprise many homeowners is that the second piece of home equipment that uses the most energy is the pool pump – right after the home air conditioner. Fortunately, the pool industry has been one of the leaders in R&D to discover new designs that save energy and, therefore, money. For example, a variable-speed pool pump, when replacing a 3 HP single-speed pump to run pool water circulation, will save 90% in energy costs. Cost savings can also be enjoyed is more energy and gas-efficient pool heaters, too. If you plan to be in the home for more than 2 years, these types of investments will typically pay for themselves.

2. Automation

The #1 add-on to pool renovations is definitely equipment automation. The concept of the smart home has extended to the backyard. Nowadays, home and pool owners can control their pool pumps, lights, fountains, spa jets, deck jets and more from their smartphone, tablet, computer or iPad. Imagine heating up your spa from the office so it is ready for a warm, relaxing dunk before dinner. Several companies offer automation which is very easy to use with simple icons and scroll bars.

The second benefit is that automation will also provide cost-savings since you will have better control of your pool.

3. Water Features

While building a pool can be expensive, adding on water features at a later time doesn’t have to be. Just because you sacrificed some of the features you really wanted due to budget compromises, doesn’t mean you can’t have them when the budget allows.

Here are some of the top water features of this year:

  • Deck Jets – if you are changing your deck, that may be the time to consider installing deck jets that add a touch of beauty and whimsy to your pool design. Let’s face it – who doesn’t want a mini-Bellagio in the backyard?
  • Sheer descents – just a fancy name for a waterfall into your pool. Just be careful – you need an expert to guide you on how many and how high you may want to install waterfalls. You might be surprised at how loud falling water can be. You don’t want to drown out your guests’ conversations with a waterfall that is overwhelming.
  • Fountains – a beautifully designed waterfall can become a focal point for the backyard, especially if lit properly.

Not sure what or where to place your water feature? Our team will work with you to create a perfect water feature for your poolscape and outdoor living area.

4. Pool Tiling and Mosaics

A relatively inexpensive way to update your pool is to change your waterline pool tile. This can immediately give your pool a more contemporary feel. Pool finishes that are in good shape can easily be saved during this construction process.

We offer a wide range of tile options that are perfect for waterlines, spa dam walls, spillways, and trims.

The mosaics are where things can get really fun. Imagine a shark mosaic staring up hungrily at your guests at the deep end. Or baby turtles seemingly scooting down the steps into the pool. Mosaics have come a long way over the years from drop shadows to completely custom designs. You might consider playing the mosaic game with the children from our website:

5. Pool Replastering

Let’s not forget the most basic pool renovation of all; pool replastering. There are many more choices today than even 20 years ago. Colors, textures, longevity, durability, and sheer beauty are only a few of the considerations when reviewing your options.

Be aware of the tell-tale signs that mean it may be time to replaster your pool and spa:

  • The finish is wearing down and your pool’s gunite (cement shell) is beginning to show through
  • Mineral stains (such as iron and copper) are destroying the appearance of your pool. While this may be able to be remedied with chemical cleaning, sometimes the only solution is a complete replaster.
  • Leaks through cracks in your finish. Don’t be fooled by your auto-fill. It may hide the fact that you have a leak. Try turning the auto-fill off once every 6 months and check your water levels.
  • The interior of your pool is rough and uncomfortable as the finish begins to decay

The least expensive finish available is the basic Plaster Finish. While this may be the most affordable, it may not always be the best investment. Due to its soft mineral finish of crushed marble, plaster will only last 8 to 10 years in a residential pool; even less in a commercial pool. It’s important to consider your investment versus the longevity of the product. If you plan to be in your home for more than 10 years, it may be beneficial to consider alternative pool finishes, such as aggregate finishes. A Pebble Sheen finish, for example, while costing much more at the time of the investment, will last an average of 25 years and, actually, cost much less compared to replastering 2 or 3 times in that same period.

Choosing a brand new finish of your pool will both change the look and the feel of your swimming pool. Our talented Outdoor Specialists will work closely with you to determine which pool finish will work best for your pool and budget. Whether you’re looking for a traditional plaster finish, a polished finish, or a specialty finish like a pebble finish, we can help you. We invite you to try our Pool Finish Selector tool to explore how the different finishes will affect your desired color of the water. 

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